Details Why are details so important? Capturing those details before you get into the dress, tux, shoes, etc helps tell the story of your day. It is also the perfect way to start off your album! Being prepared is important too. So make sure you have the dress(es), rings, tux, tie/bowtie, shoes, jewelry, watch, flowers, invitation, or […]

Getting Ready

Getting Ready Here at Divine Studios I do not stage getting ready photos. I feel it is important to document your day and not ruin any moments because I am dictating your day. This is your day! When it comes to the robes photos or champagne popping that is time to have some fun. So, of course, I will give […]

First Look

First Look First looks are not just with your spouse, it goes beyond that! You can have multiple first looks on your wedding day. In fact, most of the weddings I have shot have been with multiple first looks. And those moments are so important to capture! Brides have a first look at your girls. […]


Ceremony This is where the magic happens! To document all the emotions not only for the couple but your family and friends as well. It’s important to capture all of it! Up close to far away, I will be there to document it all! Most photographers request an “unplugged” wedding, however, I don’t mind cell phones because […]

Family Portraits

Family Portraits Yup, let’s not sugarcoat this part of the day. Family portraits can be everyones least favorite part of the day. Tension can get high during this time trying to gather family, however, there is a solution to this! A family list! Prior to your wedding, I will contact you to help you make a family list. Let’s face […]

Bridal Party Portraits

Bridal Party Portraits Ok, this part of the day can be super fun or boring. I don’t like boring, never did, and never will. Typically we start off with the “basic” shots. But then it’s time to have some fun! Bridal Party photos are important to showcase everyone’s personality. No one wants boring photos! I also feel it […]

Couples Portraits

Couples Portraits Well of course this is my favorite part of the day! It’s challenging, under an extreme time crunch, yet the most rewarding part of the day! Most of the time we have less than 20 minutes to get the portraits. You have to tell a story, and take as many photos as you can while being creative and under […]

Reception Details

Reception Details A bit of advice, during cocktail hour, have the cocktail bar outside of the main venue area. This way the photographer and videographer can get gorgeous venue photos and footage with no one in the photo or messing up the tables. Another suggestion is for the couple to have a private room reveal. This does a […]

First Dance

First Dance How special are the first dances?! What I love about the American tradition of the first dances, is it is not just about the couple but also your family. You are not saying goodbye to your family because you will always be there, however, you are starting the first chapter of your life and now creating your […]

Cake Cutting & Toast

Cake Cutting & Toast The toast is much much fun to capture! To see family and friends laugh and get emotional as well is so rewarding to capture! Pro tip: keep speeches short. Especially when having a lot of speeches. As much fun it can be to hear childhood stories, unfortunately, it can drag on […]

Bouquet & Garter Toss

Bouquet & Garter Toss So why do the garter and bouquet toss? Well, the tradition is, once the groom takes off the garter from his bride he then tosses the garter to a crowd of bachelors. Whichever bachelor catches the garter, it is said, he will be the next to marry. Next, the bride tosses her bouquet […]

Party Time!

Party Time! Now it’s time to party and I will be right there with you to party! I am not afraid to get out on that dance floor with you guys! I definitely do not sit back and walk on the outside of the dance floor taking photos. My team and I will be in the action! I mean how boring […]

Grand Exit Ideas

There are so many variations of a grand exit, so here are 16 great ideas you may want to consider: Grand Exit Ideas Sparklers Cold Sparklers Bubbles Streamers Smoke Bombs Confetti Rose Petals Glow Sticks Ribbon Wands  Lavender Bells Pom-Poms Silly String Paper Airplanes Popcorn Plant Paper Confetti To see full galleries, click HERE … I believe in […]

Sunset & Night Photography

Sunset & Night Photography Now this is my specialty! Most photographers struggle with creating lighting at night or in dark venues, however, not only am I known for my lighting skills, I also teach photographers all around the world about lighting. So lighting is never an issue for me. I am very known for my unique sunset, […]

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