As Florida fully re-opens, many couples are starting to plan the wedding of their dreams. It is essential to know and understand our plan to help our clients, employees and vendor partners be the safest we can possibly be during Covid-19.

I couldn’t be more excited to finally start creating divine memories for our couples as you cherish those divine moments with your family. And we cant forget how happy we are to finally see and work with all of the amazing vendors that will also make your day so special.

Lets work together and make it the safest we can possibly make it during Covid-19:

  • Sanitization: All equipment, props, chairs, door knobs and other objects anyone may come into contact with will be sanitized before and after a client. Love Tree Hand Sanitizing Lotion is an all natural goats milk with 99% alcohol that will be available to anyone for sanitizing purposes.
  • Reschedules: Definitely the most popular question regarding Covid-19 and your wedding day. You may reschedule your wedding day with no additional fee!!! If I, Michelle Shafer, owner and main photographer, is already contracted for another couple on your desired reschedule date, I have a team of photographers I can replace to ensure your wedding will be covered. I will even have a portfolio of their images available so you may see their work. We can also schedule a time to meet your photographer prior to your wedding day. All editing is still done by me, Michelle Shafer, to ensure your photos are of Divine Studio standards. Please refer to your contract for all details.
  • Limited Guests: Only one couple/client (and their immediate families) will be allowed to enter the studio at a time.
  • Felling Sick: Whether it is a photographer or an assistant that is not feeling well and have not gotten their vaccine, they are required to get a rapid test done to confirm they are not positive with covid-19 prior to working. If a test cannot be done, then they will be instructed to stay home. If anyone who is not feeling well that is in contact with any Divine Studios employee on your wedding day, we kindly ask to keep your distance and wear a mask. I myself and other employees of mine are considered high risk, so I kindly ask you to be respectful and follow these our requests.
  • Face Covering & Temperature Checks: Everyone at Divine Studios will wear black mask at all times.  Clients will be asked to wear masks while inside our in home studio and not being photographed. You may also be asked to have your temperature checked when entering into the studio as well.
  • Maintaining Distance: Whenever possible, we will do our best to maintain our distance while in the studio or working. We can guide you with hands free posing and utilizing proper camera and lighting equipment to ensure we are being the safest we possibly can be.
  • Client Requests: Please let us know if there are any other guidelines that you would like us to follow so we can cater to your needs.
  • Vaccines: Everyone working for Divine Studios are vaccinated. We highly encourage vaccinations here at Divine Studios, however, we also respect those who do not wish to receive their vaccine. With that said, those that are not vaccinated, we kindly ask that you respect our policy and wear a mask while in the presence of any Divine Studio employee.
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